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December 29, 2020

Korean Edition of Rotblat-Ikeda Dialogue Published

Korean edition of dialogue between Joseph Rotblat and Daisaku Ikeda
Korean edition of Rotblat-Ikeda dialogue

SEOUL, South Korea: In September 2020, publishing company JoongAng Ilbo Plus released a Korean edition of A Quest for Global Peace: Rotblat and Ikeda on War, Ethics and the Nuclear Threat, a dialogue between Nobel Peace Laureate Sir Joseph Rotblat and Daisaku Ikeda. This is the fifth language the original Japanese edition has been translated into, following English, German, Italian and traditional Chinese editions.

Professor Rotblat and Mr. Ikeda first met in October 1989 in Osaka and again in February 2000 in Okinawa. Their continued correspondence culminated in the publication of the Japanese edition Chikyu heiwa eno tankyu in 2006. Professor Rotblat had worked on the book until his passing in August 2005. It could therefore very well be regarded as containing his final message to the world.

Meeting between Sir Joseph Rotblat and Daisaku Ikeda (Okinawa, February 2000)
Meeting with Professor Joseph Rotblat in Okinawa (February 2000) (© Seikyo Shimbun)

Throughout the ten chapters of the dialogue, Professor Rotblat reflects on his tumultuous life as he deliberates on the kind of philosophy and action that can create peace. The authors discuss topics such as the deceptiveness of the nuclear deterrent theory, the role of the United Nations, the relationship between religion and science, Second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda’s declaration calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons and their own expectations toward youth.

Professor Rotblat recalls how through the Pugwash Conferences scientists on both sides of the Cold War political divide held active discussions on peace. It was on the basis of respect for each other’s character, he says, that such discussions succeeded. Mr. Ikeda explains his dedication to promoting educational exchange and his vision of constructing a network of friendship across the globe.

With the historic Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons coming into force in January 2021, A Quest for Global Peace is a timely book shedding light on the movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons through the eyes of the two important proponents of this cause.

 [Adapted from an article in December 29, 2020, issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]

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