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July 22, 2021

Collection of Research Papers on Daisaku Ikeda Published in Peru

National University of San Marcos, publishes research papers on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy as a book
A collection of research papers on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy published as a book by the National University of San Marcos, Peru

The publishing arm of National University of San Marcos (UNMSM), a public research university in Lima, Peru, recently published a collection of research papers on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy titled El humanismo comprometido de Daisaku Ikeda: homenaje a su vida y obra (tentative translation: Daisaku Ikeda’s commitment to humanism: a tribute to his life and work).

The oldest university in South America, UNMSM’s notable alumni include Nobel Laureate in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa and numerous Peruvian presidents.

In his capacity as Soka University founder, Mr. Ikeda visited the UNMSM campus in 1974 and 1984, meeting with university officials to engage in discussions about education and its future. Exchanges between UNMSM and Soka University have spanned over half a century. In 2017, UNMSM conferred an honorary degree upon Mr. Ikeda in recognition of his contributions to peace and culture grounded in humanistic ideals.

Mr. Ikeda visits the National University of San Marcos, Peru, in March 1984
Mr. Ikeda’s (foreground, left) meeting with then Rector Gastón Pons Muzzo (foreground, center) and his reunion with former rector Juan de Dios Guevara (foreground, right) during a visit to the National University of San Marcos in March 1984

In 2018, UNMSM’s Center for Asian Studies formed a committee to study Mr. Ikeda’s philosophy, and research papers were collected and released as a book. Co-published by UNMSM and the Makiguchi Foundation for Education, the book contains papers by UNMSM students and alumni, along with contributions from professors.

The book examines Mr. Ikeda’s peace proposals and writings and explores his philosophy and thoughts from various perspectives such as education and religion, humanism, and life and death.

It also includes a congratulatory message on the book’s publication by Center for Asian Studies Director Alberto Aquino Rodríguez, a foreword by Felipe F. Uriarte Mora, honorary professor of Federico Villarreal National University, and a preface by former Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs Oscar Maúrtua de Romaña.

Professor Miguel Ángel Polo Santillán, who headed the research committee, expressed his pleasure in the book’s release, stating that Mr. Ikeda’s philosophy serves as a guidepost for surmounting the enormous challenges facing humankind today with hope. Although the book covers only a fraction of Dr. Ikeda’s life and accomplishments, it offers people a chance to learn about Dr. Ikeda’s philosophy, Prof. Polo stated. He also hoped it would serve as a motivation and inspiration for youth

 [Adapted from an article in the July 22, 2021, issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]

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