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April 28, 2022

Chungbuk National University in South Korea Confers Honorary Doctorate on Daisaku Ikeda

Honorary doctorate degree certificate in Korean and English

On April 28, 2022, Chungbuk National University (CBNU) in South Korea conferred an Honorary Doctor of Education on Daisaku Ikeda for his contribution to the promotion of world peace and human rights and fostering global citizens. The conferral, held at the CBNU auditorium in Cheongju City, was attended by CBNU President Kim Su-Kab, Graduate School Dean Chun Dal Young, as well as Korea Soka Gakkai International (KSGI) General Director Kim In Soo and KSGI representatives. The degree certificate was entrusted to Soka University President Masashi Suzuki, who received it on behalf of Mr. Ikeda, the founder of Soka University.

CBNU, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021, has exchange programs with over 260 institutions in 50 countries. In recent years, it has garnered attention for being rated as the top national university for five consecutive years in a national student satisfaction survey.

In his conferment speech, President Kim stated that Mr. Ikeda has greatly contributed to world peace and human rights through his leadership of a grassroots people’s movement, as well as to the promotion of friendship between Korea and Japan. As a founder of educational institutions, he has instilled the ethic of global citizenship in students and nurtured individuals who are committed to the welfare of society. He has advanced culture and the arts through institutions such as the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy, as well as engaging in dialogue with prominent individuals from all sectors of society. It is in recognition of Dr. Ikeda’s manifold contributions to fostering leaders and promoting education and culture that Chungbuk National University has awarded him an honorary doctorate in education, said President Kim.

A performance during Daisaku Ikeda’s honorary doctorate conferral from
The CBNU Seoul Symphonietta performs during the conferral ceremony

In a message conveying his appreciation for the honor, Mr. Ikeda stated that, as a university founder, he took a deep interest in the founding stories of universities the world over and had been impressed to learn that the establishment of Chungbuk during the tragic Korean War had been made possible by the donations of local people who believed in the urgency of training leaders of the future. Propelled by these mothers and fathers and their ardent desire for peace, university construction went ahead amidst the fierce conflict of the war. Mr. Ikeda said he was honored to receive the honorary doctorate in education from an institution that has upheld this lofty founding spirit.

The Soka University founder went on to share that education, which is the wellspring of value creation, is the source from which each young person can tap unlimited creative power to establish a happy and fruitful life. He exhorted the Korean university to continue to pioneer a mighty flow of people of ability. He also spoke of the enduring value of dialogue and exchanges of culture and education based on mutual respect and learning.

The conferral of this recent honorary doctorate from the Korean university is the 400th academic honor Mr. Ikeda has received to date.

Commemorative photo-taking during the conferral ceremony of Daisaku Ikeda’s honorary doctorate from Chungbuk National University
Commemorative photo-taking during the conferral ceremony. (CBNU President Kim is standing in the foreground (fifth from right) with Soka University President Suzuki standing next to him with the certificate in hand (sixth from right)

[Adapted from articles in the April 29 and 30, 2022, issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]

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